Live Music

Tyler Massey Trio is playing an outdoor gig on Sunday, 1st August (4:00 PM) at The Plume of Feathers in Castlemorton. It's free, safe for everyone and it's my birthday/anniversary party. Don't miss it!

Tyler Massey Trio (TMT) Bio

Based on the stripped-back American-British hybrid style of the songs on their last two EPs, American Nightmare and All The Pretty Lights, Tyler Massey Trio get straight to the heart of the material without any artifice. The Trio's completely "old school" live performances featuring only guitar (TM on electric and acoustic), bass (Alex Knight on acoustic bass) and percussion (Eric Hej uses both a drum kit and a djembe) are compelling because of their honesty and directness. Longer shows do feature some unusual covers, but they're always a surprise. TMT plan to start recording their new material this summer.

The West Malvern Social Club Podcast


In March 2020, I started a podcast version of the Thursday Night that I've been running at The West Malvern Social Club for the last ten years. It's called WMSCP (West Malvern Social Club Podcast) and you can listen for free every Thursday night. It's a new music podcast; an immersive, eclectic musical antidote to the endless tedium of lockdown. Each episode features new tracks from all over the world, covering almost every genre.

Scroll down to listen. It's not a Spotify playlist: it's more like an old school radio show. The Club has reopened, so Episode 69 the last one for now.

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I have been teaching guitar, bass, piano and music theory throughout my life. Currently, the lessons are online only. Get in touch if you want to start lessons: I'm sure that I can help you! One of my students just passed his Grade Three exam with distinction and past exams were all passed with at least a merit.