If you're after tickets to the May Dolls + Tres Primos + Connie Gordon gig on 3rd May, they're here.


Tyler is an American-born guitarist, singer, songwriter and guitar teacher. He collaborates with a lot of wonderful musicians:

Vo & Tyler is a duo (duh) with the legendary Vo Fletcher (video evidence).

The May Dolls is an Indie American/British Folk project with singer-songwriter Becca Roberts.

Tres Primos is an instrumental-only duo with Classical guitarist Catherine Crosswell whose repertoire consists of traditional Central/South American melodies arranged for two guitars.

The Pull is an electric trio featuring Colin Stoner and Rob M.

If you only came here to see the usually-bang-up-to-date Gig List, please do: that was the original point of making this site.

Tyler hosts open mic nights at The Morgan, West Malvern Social Club and The Royal British Legion at Cradley. If you want to come and play, contact him.